Some of our clients and our work for them:

  • Transfer Pricing Associates Pte Ltd, Australia

    Transfer Pricing Laws Documents

    Transfer Pricing Associates ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of a large transfer pricing publication, involving glossaries of legal, accounting and financial terms.

  • Guangzhou Ruixin Technologies Ltd., China

    Technology News Articles

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of news articles for the online news portal.

  • CCH (a Wolters Kluwer publishing business), China

    Legal Publications/Legal Documents

    Wolters Kluer Business ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of large-volume China law publications, legal documents.

  • Natural Health Farm Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

    Literature and Product Documents

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of literature and other documents regarding their products, as well as various books of the company.

  • Celent LLC, China

    Market Research Reports

    Celent ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of market research reports related to the banking and insurance industry in China.

  • Muniz, Ramirez, Perez-Taiman & Luna-Victoria Asociados S. Civ. R.L, Peru

    Company Website

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of the corporate website and company collaterals.

  • Pedro and Angelica de Osma Gildemeister Foundation, Peru

    Museum Website

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of the corporate website.

  • Villa Andina SA, Peru

    Technical Marketing Collaterals

    Villa Andina ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of marketing collaterals and correspondences.

  • Aqute Research, United Kingdom

    Technology News Articles

    Aqute Research ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of monthly compilation and summary of news articles on technology companies in China; translation/editing/proofreading of the news and market intelligence articles.

  • ADP Taxware, USA

    Financial and Accounting Statements

    ADP ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of financial and accounting statements.

  • Melaleuca Inc, USA & China

    Legal Contracts & Documents

    Melaleuca ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of legal contracts and documents.

  • DHL Express, Singapore

    Business and Technical Documents

    DHL ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of business proposals and technical documents.

  • Taiwan Female Entrepreneur Association, China-Taiwan

    Engineering, Legal & Arts-Media Documents

    Various Translation/Editing/Proofreading projects covering scientific publications, engineering papers, legal contracts and documents, journals of various subjects etc.

  • Celestone Systems International Co. Ltd., China

    Engineering/Technical Documents & Transcription

    Celestone ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of technical/engineering articles and transcription of videos.

  • MinerAndina, Peru

    Mine Engineering/Technical Publications & Transcription

    Miner Andiva ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of articles for their magazine and e-publications, and transcription of recorded interviews from various conferences.

  • Minera San Simon SA, Peru

    Legal & Public Offer Documents

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of legal contracts, public offer documents and financial documents.

  • Minera Chinalco Peru SA, Peru

    Legal, Project Documents & Corporate Collaterals

    Peru Copper Inc ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of various documents ranging from company brochures, specialized articles to project sheets and legal documents.

  • D&S Consulting, China

    Consultation Documents and Reports

    D&S ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of consultancy documents and reports, and transcription of videos.

  • Association of Architecture Firms (AOA), Chile

    Architectural Publication

    AOA ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of their regular architectural digest for members.

  • Peru Tourist Promotion Board (PROMPERU), Peru

    Tourist Information Brochures

    Prom Peru ImageTranslation/Editing/Proofreading of tourism related materials and documents used in the promotion of Peru to other countries.

  • Olam International Limited, Singapore

    Corporate Letters/Certificates and Legal Documents

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of corporate letters/certificates.

  • Medo Enterprises Holding Pte Ltd, Singapore

    Literary Work

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of huge 3-volume book publication (more than a million words).

  • Embassy of Peru in Singapore

    Diplomatic Correspondences

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of diplomatic correspondences and letters.

  • GBN Ventures Pte Ltd, Singapore

    Legal Documents

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of legal contracts.

  • TransPerfect Translations Ltd.

    Multi-Subject Documents

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading/Copywriting of legal, financial, medical, life science, engineering, technical documents.

  • Hotel Information Systems Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore


    Translation/Editing/Proofreading and Localization of product brochures.

  • One Dash 22 Pte Ltd.

    Production Scripts

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of Asian production scripts.

  • Potong Pasir Town Council, Singapore

    Letters and Speeches

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of letters and speeches for their events.

  • Asia Grand Restaurant (Odeon) Pte Ltd, Singapore

    Corporate Documents

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of corporate documents and certificates.

  • National University Hospital, Singapore


    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of medical questionnaires for patients.

  • Sincere Secretarial Services, Singapore

    Legal Documents

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of legal documents.

  • Wep Pharma S.A.C., Peru

    Pharmaceutical Reports

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of pharmaceutical and related reports.

  • Plataforma Networks, Chile

    Architectural write-ups

    Translation/Editing/Proofreading of architectural write-ups and descriptions of projects.

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